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Prague & Czech Photo Tour / Your Holiday Photos from Prague

Our company Horus EYE s.r.o., established in 2008, has always focused on linking the two key activities – photography and traveling. Since 2012, we’ve organized photographic courses and expeditions for Czech and international customers alike.


We're professional photographers, travelers, and trainers to boot.

We're fully aware that as a photographer your needs are different to those of a typical tourist. You need a different time, space and viewpoint.
That’s why we decided to run specialized photographic expeditions, custom-made for the photographers.  
Our offer includes traveling to towns with the UNESCO memorial certificate, as well as less-known yet unique locations. We also focus on the adventure tourism that presents the Czech Republic from a different viewpoint, providing not only nice pictures but also unexpected and beautiful experience. 


We’d like to offer you unique experience of travelling and photographing the most attractive locations of the Czech Republic.

However, our photographic journeys, or walks, are also intended for people who don’t take photos as a hobby, or are just thinking about getting into it.


We're going to teach you the rules of composition, and to help you out with the appropriate setup, or even with selecting the right equipment.

If you’re a photographer traveling with a boyfriend/girlfriend, feel free to invite him/her too. We’ll make sure it won’t be boring.


We're also offering the service of capturing your holiday memories. We'll take you to the best places to take the best portraits of you, alone or with your partner, family or friends.
We communicate in various languages ( CZ, EN, DE, FR, ES ).

Photography and traveling is not only our job but also our hobby. We enjoy it, and it would make us happy if you enjoy it with us.

Jaroslav Hora

owner, Photographer, Trainer/Photo Guide

Anna Rasmussen


Photographer, Trainer/Photo Guide


Martina Houdek

Photographer, Trainer/Photo Guide


Rani Tolimat

Photographer, Trainer/Photo Guide


Marina Kopáčková

Photographer, Trainer/Photo Guide


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